Our Mission

Portland Trails transforms Greater Portland into a healthier community for people powered transportation, conservation, and recreation, by creating a network of trails and green spaces that connect people with places.

Since 1991, Portland Trails has built and maintained a trail network serving residents and visitors throughout Greater Portland. The current trail network includes 70 miles of trails and green space that reach within a half mile of every residence in Portland, and connect thousands of residents across Greater Portland. Our trails have over one million trail uses per year, and we support projects in Portland and the surrounding communities of South Portland, Falmouth, and Westbrook. From someone's morning jog, to a student's safe walk to school, we are a part of people's lives every day.

Our mission focuses on the following priorities: trails, active transportation, conservation, and placemaking. Our trail projects provide greater connectivity, safer walking routes, strengthened ecological corridors, and an increased sense of place for residents and trail users. Our extensive trail volunteer program provides an opportunity for individuals and corporate groups to engage in stewardship of local land, while taking ownership of their local trails and green spaces. We believe in complete streets, and are dedicated to making trails an important component of a a city accessible by foot, bicycle, and public transit for people of all backgrounds.

We cannot do what we do without the support of our members and the public. As a non-profit, we are not funded by the state or city, but instead rely on our community to help us build and maintain the trails that thousands of people use every day. With over 1000 members and countless more volunteers supporting and participating in our work, we are able to transform Greater Portland's streets, trails, and the broader community, and offer a unique green, urban experience to visitors and locals alike. Join us.

From just a seed of an idea to more than 70 miles of trails and green spaces across four communities, Portland Trails has grown into an organization inseparable from Portland's identity.

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