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Join the Trail Guide Giving Circle today!

With a donation of $1,000 or above, our Trail Guide Giving Circle members dedicate themselves to the long-term connectivity, health, and well-being of the Greater Portland community.

When you give to Portland Trails...

You're investing in the creation and maintenance of trails and green spaces in Greater Portland that create healthier people, communities, and ecosystems.


What does your donation do?

We make a little go a long way, but we require year-round member support to keep our 70+ mile trail network in good shape for over one million annual trail users.

Your $1,000 is equivalent to...

  • one weed-wacker used to battle invasive plants OR
  • one 50-yard load of trail surface material that prevents erosion OR
  • 50 feet of lumber that can be used to build a bridge over muddy terrain


What do you receive in return?

As thanks for your gift, you'll gain access to insider information and events that will bring you closer to Portland Trails' mission and strategic planning.


How do you join the Trail Guide Giving Circle?

Make your donation here.