What’s Your Story?

What are your Portland Trails stories?  We want to know!  We hear how the trails add to our quality of life in Greater Portland, but what does that really mean?  Yes, there’s the dog walk or commute to town, but what about a moment where your life changed out on a trail?

Did you meet the love of your life on the Stroudwater Trail? Did you spontaneously adopt a dog on the Back Cove Trail?  Or maybe it was a special morning spent teaching your kid to ride a bike on the Eastern Prom. Share your trail stories with us, or read the stories of other members below.


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From Mari in Portland, "I run the trails all year long and love the changing seasons. The trails show me the first telltale signs of each season. Trillium let me know when spring is really truly here. Love the feeling of being out there, grateful for the ability, and for the availability of this resource."