Friday, April 22nd

Celebrate the Earth, our natural resources, and the outdoor spaces we love!
At Portland Trails, we treat every day like it's Earth Day. We steward natural spaces all year long so that native plants and animals can thrive. We promote people-powered transportation (like walking and biking) and public transit, actions that directly reduce carbon emissions. And we make our trails and green spaces welcoming to our community so that everyone can find moments of joy, respite, and connection in the outdoors.
Take our 2022 Earth Day Action Steps to make a difference today - and every day!
After you take our action steps, don't forget to stop by Après to toast 30 years of trails with the release of their Portland Trails Hard Seltzer. Find out more information HERE.

Walk or bike

Today, choose to only travel by foot, bike, or bus! People-powered transportation is an immediate way to reduce carbon emissions from driving short distances. Plus, you never have to worry about finding a parking spot or getting stuck in traffic! 
Long-term action: Pick 3 days a week to leave your car at home!

Get your DiriGo TouchPass

Pay your METRO bus fare just by scanning your phone! All you have to do is download the DiriGo TouchPass app and add money to your account. No more counting quarters! Taking the bus is an easy way to keep extra carbon emissions out of the air - and now it's even easier.
Long-term action: Check out METRO's bus routes & schedules to plan how you'll get to work, school, the grocery store, and more.

Plant a garden for the bees

Plant a native flower or two that pollinators (like bees) will love! "When you plant a native seed," says the Wild Seed Project, "it grows into a tree or shrub or wildflower that provides habitat for all the other creatures up and down the food chain, from pollinating insects, to birds, amphibians, mammals, and invisible creatures of the soil."
Long-term action: Take the Pledge to Rewild!

Pick up trash

Choose a trail or neighborhood street to spend an hour picking up trash! Bring a trash bag, gloves, and a friend or two to help. This keeps wildlife from eating trash and keeps waste out of water sources.
Long-term action: Bring a trash bag with you on walks and runs and pick up trash as you go.

Recycle better

We all know that we should recycle, but are we doing it right? To help you recycle better, check out ecomaine's Recyclopedia. When you're not sure whether something can be recycled, type it into the Recyclopedia for the answer! Bookmark the web page for future reference.
Long-term action: Print off ecomaine's List of Recycling Do's and Don'ts and keep it near your recycling bin so you never have to guess.

Donate to Portland Trails

We work year-round to restore nature, promote people-powered transportation, and make the outdoors welcoming for all. When you support Portland Trails, you're taking care of the planet far beyond Earth Day.
Long-term action: Become a Portland Trails member! If you're already a member, invite a friend to join. It's just $35 for an individual membership, or $50 for a family.