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General Trail Tips:

  • Have fun. Have an adventure. Connect with nature. Enjoy and share the trails!


  • Clean up after yourself or pets. Many trails do not have trash cans as we do not have the capacity to empty them throughout the year. Trash is carry-in, carry-out.


  • Respect posted warnings, signs, or other instructions. 


  • Hunting is not allowed in Portland or South Portland.


  • Fire of any kind is not allowed on our trails.


  • Cyclists: We have many mixed-use trails. Please use caution when passing pedestrians on the trails. Slow down as you approach a pedestrian, person in a wheelchair, stroller, scooter, or someone using a slower form of transportation. Use a bell or announce yourself clearly. Pass slowly and at a safe distance. We strongly encourage all cyclists to wear reflective gear and appropriate lights for cycling in the dark. Share the trail!  More smart cycling tips here.


  • Winter trail users: Please avoid stepping through ski tracks. Likewise, skiers and fat bikers, please be respectful of slower moving walkers and snowshoers. The trails are more fun when we respect all the different modes through which we enjoy them.


  • Spring or Wet Conditions: Following the winter thaw, the trails can be very fragile. Some bridges or areas may be submerged or very muddy. We request that hikers, runners, and mountain bikers refrain from using the trails if they are too soggy. Seek out dryer, paved trails during wet conditions. Make an effort to walk through or over a wet area instead of going around it--walkers widening the trails by walking around problem spots can harm the surrounding environment.


  • Portland Trails encourages our trail users to abide by the Leave-No-Trace principles, practiced on protected lands across the country. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:
    • - Know before you go. Plan ahead with our trail maps!
    • - Stick to the trails. Use designated trails only. There's a reason a trail exists where it does - stay on the trail and help us protect surrounding ecosystems.
    • - Carry out your trash, and clean up your dog's poop.
    • - Leave the area as you found it.
    • - Keep wildlife wild. Do not feed animals or remove plants you're not authorized to. 
    • - Share our trails with other humans and animals.

Frequently Asked Questions

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