What is Active Transportation?

Active Transportation, or what we often call “people-powered transportation” describes getting from here to there–whether that’s commuting, traveling, or for leisure–using human-powered energy. It’s the way we’ve been getting around since the cave days (or at least prior to the mid-19th century). Walking, biking, even skateboarding–that’s all active transportation.

Making bicycling and walking safe, convenient, and fun is an important step in shifting back to people-centered communities. Active transportation inspires safety and health in communities, is more equitable economically, and encourages environmental stewardship and community engagement.

Want to learn more how cities and organizations can promote active transportation? Check out: www.completestreets.org.

In urban areas, trails are vital transportation resources. Portland is Maine’s largest urban center, and as the city continues to grow, so too must sustainable and healthy transportation and commuting options.

Portland Trails has been building trails that serve as transportation resources for over 20 years. We also advocate for bicycle/pedestrian infrastructure like sidewalks, bike lanes, crosswalks, and narrower auto-lanes throughout Greater Portland.

Portland Trails works with numerous organizations to ensure safe walking and biking routes in Portland including: the City of Portland, Bicycle Coalition of Maine, Safe Routes to School, and numerous local businesses. We are active in helping to implement Portland’s Complete Streets policy, and frequently partner with other local organizations to ensure new developments incorporate resources for commuters who walk, bike, or use public transit.