Gorham's Corner Streetscape Enhancement:

Pilot Project

Gorham's Corner is a five-way intersection in downtown Portland, where Center Street meets Pleasant, Danforth, and Fore streets. It's a historic corner that pays homage to Irish immigrants who came to the neighborhood during Black '47, or the year of the potato famine in Ireland. There's a granite table inscribed with the names and life stories of those who once lived there. It also features a statue of the famous film director John Ford who grew up in an Irish American family nearby. Every day, thousands of people walk, bike, roll, and drive through this intersection.

However, this intersection is difficult and dangerous for pedestrians to navigate. Portland Trails is leading this streetscape enhancement project alongside Portland Downtown and the City of Portland to improve conditions for everyone traveling through this lively corner.

A mock-up of Pamplemousse Studio's asphalt murals

We believe that transportation problems are design problems. With our partners, we're making the following enhancements throughout July:

  • Adding two crosswalks
  • Installing ADA accessible wheelchair ramps
  • Extending the curbs and sidewalks at each corner
  • Painting murals on the asphalt, courtesy of local artist Jill Perry of Pamplemousse Studio
  • Eliminating a turning lane
  • Setting the traffic lights to flash red, allowing for better flow for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers

This project is designed to be a temporary, low-cost test of a concept before investing in a more costly permanent design.

Part of Portland Trails' mission is to improve infrastructure for walking and biking throughout Greater Portland. As a trail organization, this usually looks like upgrading and maintaining trails that community members can use for off-street transportation.

However, because we are in an urban center, this work also involves improving the walkability and bikeability of streets, neighborhoods, and intersections. Together, well-designed streets and robust trail networks create a healthier future for Greater Portland.

A sketch of enhancements to Gorham's Corner

We're collecting feedback about this pilot project. We invite you to fill out our user survey!

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No City of Portland funds have been used for this project. Materials, planning, and labor have been donated by Portland Trails along with Portland Downtown, Bicycle Coalition of Maine, Pamplemousse Studio, Ransom, and Toole Design.